Quality Standards Define our Identity of Innovation

Our expert testers and QA professionals use stringent standards to ensure bug-free, secure and robust apps across industries. Partner with us to ensure the quality of your app for a seamless user experience and elevate your reputation in delivering high-quality deliverables today.

Excellent Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Manual QA Testing

At Livebird Technologies, we offer meticulous manual QA testing that covers a comprehensive range of testing services. Our team of experts ensures that every app, website, or software undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its functionality, performance, security, and user experience meet high-quality standards as expected by the clients. With our manual testing services, we help businesses deliver bug-free and robustly secure apps.

Mobile App Testing

Our mobile app testing services are designed to help businesses ensure their apps run seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. Our experienced testers use the latest testing tools to detect bugs and glitches in the app, ensuring high-quality and seamless user experience. At Livebird Technologies, we conduct various tests, including functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, and security testing, to ensure the app runs optimally.

Web App Testing

We offer a range of web app testing services that cover different types of testing to ensure robust security, performance, and functionality. Our web app testing services are tailored to detect any defects or bugs that may arise during the development process. Our team of experienced web app testers works tirelessly to ensure every web app meets high-quality standards stringently, ultimately helping businesses achieve their goals and objectives.

Performance Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of performance testing services to help businesses ensure their software, apps, and websites run smoothly under different scenarios and situations. Our team of experts uses a range of testing tools to evaluate the performance of your app or software under different workloads, ultimately helping you as a client to identify any performance issues and optimize the overall application to the hilt.

API Testing

Our API testing services are designed to help businesses ensure their software systems and applications integrate seamlessly and “talk” to each other in a streamlined manner. Our team of experts conducts rigorous testing of the API to ensure its functionality, security, and performance meets the required standards. We help businesses detect and resolve any API-related issues, ensuring robust security, functionality, and high-performance systems.