Notes App

Notes App Project Description
Make a note, take a pic and store, record as you go, and keep them in well organized way by allocating them the Tag of your choice.While you do this also set a reminder for the important notes, so that you don’t forget or miss anything.

‘Notes App’ is an excellent utility app sure to be one of the most helpful app when you need to make a note for yourself and keep a reminder of it. Select from various color templates and type, record, copy-paste or add a picture from your gallery or take a real-time picture. Do all as you go with this light and fast Notes App.You can give your notes a name to save, and sort or group them based on their category (if you had allocated one while saving) and date (created/modified). You can do recording and add photos as well as make note at the same time. Save or export the notes to your cloud (Dropbox) and computer. You can also email it to yourself or anyone from your phonebook.

Here you can set a different label to your note, set reminders of note, record a voice note and add photos for more detailing.

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